Want to join Microsoft India?

Do you think you are smart? 
Do you think you can explain the concepts of your technology really well? 
Do you have the passion for technology?
Do you like sharing your knowledge? 
Do you like being in touch with geeks who love technology and love to share their knowledge in order to learn more? 
Do you like travelling?
Do you consider yourself a champ in SQL or IIS/ASP.NET or other Microsoft technologies?
Are you self-driven?   

If your answer is "yes" to all of these, and you are interested in joining Microsoft Premier Field Engineering team in India… fire away an email to rahulso AT microsoft DOT com. I am not an HR guy, but if I find your resume interesting and suitable, I will forward it to them.

Oh and by the way… if you are not interested much in travelling, how about troubleshooting issues of the customers world wide on a phone? At Microsoft India GTSC, the job profile is something you can be really proud of.Read more about some pros and cons in my opinion.

Send me your resume at rahulso AT microsoft DOT com.

Good luck, Thumbs-up