Installing and Configuring SharePoint 2010 and FAST Search 2010–Part 6

by Vivek 10/14/2010 9:00:00 AM

Today we will create FAST Search Query SSA which will provide query results from the content that is crawled by FAST Search Content SSA.

Create and setup Query SSA

  1. Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Home Page, under Application Management and click Manage Service Applications

    Image 59
  2. In Manage Service Applications page, click New –> Search Service Applications

    Image 60
  3. In Create New Search Service Application page, fill in the details (here’s what I filled)
    1. Name: FAST Query SSA
    2. FAST Service Application: FAST Search Query
    3. Search Service Account: selected the default value
    4. Application Pool for Search Admin Web Service: FAST_Query_Admin_App_Pool
      I also decided to let the AppPool run under dotnetscraps\svcaccnt service account.
    5. Application Pool for Search Query and Site Settings Web Service: FAST_Query_App_Pool
      I also decided to let the AppPool run under dotnetscraps\svcaccnt service account.
    6. Refer %fastsearch%\install_info.txt on FAST Search Server for the following details|

      e.g.: Query Service Location (since our queries are HTTP based):
      Administration Service Location:
      Resource Store Location:
      Account for Administration Service: dotnetscraps\fastuser
    7. Click OK

      Image 71
      Image 72
      Image 73
    8. When finished, you will get a confirmation that a new Content SSA is created and is added in the list of Service Applications –> click OK

      Image 74
  4. Now to configure SharePoint 2010 to use FAST Search as a default search provider
    1. Open SharePoint Central Administration –> Application Management and click Configure service application associations

      Image 75
    2. Under Application Proxy Group, click default

      Image 76
    3. Select FAST Query SSA (or the Query SSA you created earlier) and click [set as default].
      NOTE: I decided to uncheck Search Service Application as I won’t be using it for our http://win-sp site.

      Image 77

      So now, all search done on our team site will use FAST Search to perform the query.
  5. We haven’t finished yet, SharePoint 2010 uses Claims for authentication. We will need to export a certificate from SharePoint 2010 Server and import it on the FAST Search query server(s). This does not mean your query traffic is HTTPS base.
    1. On SharePoint Server 2010, Start –> All Programs –> Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products –> right click on SharePoint 2010 Management Shell and Run as administrator
    2. Type the following command

      $stsCert = (Get-SPSecurityTokenServiceConfig).LocalLoginProvider.SigningCertificate
      $stsCert.Export("cert") | Set-Content -encoding byte MOSS_STS.cer

      Image 78
    3. Copy the MOSS_STS.cer on the FAST Search Server
    4. On FAST Search Server, Start –> All Programs –> Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint –> right click on Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint shell and Run as administrator
    5. Navigate to the folder %FASTSEARCH%\installer\scripts, and type the command

      .\InstallSTSCertificateForClaims.ps1 -certPath <"path_to_MOSS_STS.cer_file">

      Image 79
  6. Finally, we will need to activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure under Site Collection Administration.
    1. Open the Web Site (http://win-sp, this is a Team  site I created using the Configuration Wizard).
    2. Click Site Actions –> click Site Settings

      Image 80
    3. Under Site Collection Administration –> click Site collection features

      Image 81
    4. Scroll down and look for SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure and click Activate

      Image 82

Let us also verify the Office Web Application feature of viewing and editing Office documents directly from the browser is enabled on the server.

  1. Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Home Page, under System Settings and click Manage services on server

    Image 85
  2. On the Services page, verify that Excel Calculation Services, Word Viewing Service, and PowerPoint Service are Started.

    Image 86

    Looks good now.

Open a new browser windows and hit http://win-sp, right hand top corner in the search bar type “document” (I typed “topology” as I know some of the documents I have uploaded have topology as a keyword.)

Image 83

Image 84

Success !! The FAST Search is working fine

Click on View In Browser in the screenshot above.

Image 87

Click Edit in Browser, you can Edit the document Format it and Save it.

Image 88


Looks pretty decent. We will explore more on FAST Search 2010 with more different kind of Content Sources and adding some media files and see how it all works. Hope to work along with Rahul and get Silverlight Web Part imported on to my team site and play around it as well.

Hope this helps,
Vivek Kumbhar

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