Silverlight 4 and .NET RIA Services - Step By Step - TOC

by Rahul 10/10/2010 3:04:00 PM

This post should act as a TOC for the .NET RIA Services series. I will keep updating this post so that I can share this with anyone instead of sharing all the links of the series Smile

Part 1 > Setup database, create entity data model, create a simple domain service, and expose OData end points
Part 2 > Consume OData Endpoints using Internet Explorer [or any other client] for that matter
Part 3 > Consume entities exposed using RIA services with Silverlight [code behind]
Part 4 > Consume entities exposed using RIA services with Silverlight [declaratively using XAML]
Part 5 > Write a converter that shows the text Loading… while the data is loaded in the background
Part 6 > Paging in Silverlight using .NET RIA Services declaratively
Part 7 > Pass parameters to a method declared in the DomainService class
Part 8 > Use Filter descriptors to filter data directly in XAML
Part 9 > Create, Edit, Delete with .NET RIA Services.

This completes the first part of the series where we have got our hands dirty with .NET RIA services and Silverlight.

Stay tuned, more to come… Nerd smile

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