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by Rahul 9/23/2008 1:50:00 PM

Here is another version of my Social Bookmark Plug-in for Windows Live Writer. Based on the previous feedback I have changed a few things. The script errors that used to come in WLW due to the embedded scripts won’t bother you anymore. Besides, there are 4 more book marking sites incorporated, namely…

Microsoft Social
Microsoft Expression
Microsoft MSDN
Microsoft Technet

    Install the plug-in from...


    Once done click on Insert -> Bookmarking Tags (Ensure that your WLW is running as an Administrator!)


    Select the book-marking sites that you prefer and click on Save My Favorite... (you need to type in the URL of the blog post... this is the tricky part! Actually, you need to save your post as a draft and then browse to it. Copy the URL and paste it in the dialog-box that appears)


    Click on Done and you should see something like this in WLW –>

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    Try hovering on the icons above...

    And when you click on it, it would automatically take you to the Bookmarking site and fill up the details…


Feel free to send your suggestions/feedback/donations to keep me going Winking!!





Happy blogging, Wave

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