The mysterious Local Disk Q in Windows 7

by Rahul 5/10/2010 11:55:00 AM

Recently, I installed MS Office 2010 RTM and along with all the “cool” features, I got something which took me by surprise. The Local Disk (Q). I wasn’t really sure if I got affected by some kind of virus.

Take a look at my drives…


I tried, “Ejecting” this drive but couldn’t. I tried getting into this drive and all I could get was “Access Denied”. Disk Management utility didn’t even talk about this Q Drive.


After a little research found that this was because of Application Virtualization Desktop Client.


I tried uninstalling this from Add/Remove programs, but neither there were any errors in uninstall, nor I got this out of my system. A little more search and I found this article. Apparently, this uninstall requires a reboot. One reboot… and I am all set.

UPDATE: I thought I was all set, until another reboot At wits end I rebooted my machine to find that Q drive back. Uninstalled App-V again, and disabled both the following services from Start –> Run –> Services.msc


So far… looks good!!!

Hope this helps, Wave

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